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Products specifications

Product Description

This high end design is a balance of refined and classy interiors that reflects your lifestyle. Added with sophisticated richness in color, texture, innovative design and luxury, it is way beyond aesthetic. Designed by renowned Architect Milind Pai- Mumbai, it serves to all your functional requirement, status and budget all in mind. The Milind Pai team has conceptualize it with a mission to enhance the way the people live through great designs with a modern feel and a classy ambience to deliver sensational masterpiece.

The stupendous door with the unusual entrance lobby design was a balance of clean-lined and classic design brings out the interiors of this space. The first area to be seen by guest entering the house has exotic welcome with modern accent which caters to your youthful taste. The living room has a mirror artwork which is the striking element of the whole design and adds to the spaciousness. The TV unit designed in SS with backlight, the statuario flooring and the Swarovski inlay on centre and dining table stands out stunning and redefines luxury. While more classical elements evoke feeling of warmth and solidity appropriate to family residence strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary interiors.

The dining room is an extension to living room wherein lighting plays the pivotal role to divide two areas has brown tinted mirror with leather finish backdrop adding to the richness. The worship zone in this area is unique and has its own character.

The guest room with off-white walls; a texture which introduces a refined personal ambience to the room. The use of mirrors on walls and wardrobe reflects the glimpse and sense of spaciousness. Further sparkle is provided by the black tinted glass with slivering from behind.

‘Life within reach’ encapsulates the layout of the kitchen. This is the area where series of task based work centres.  Kitchen is designed to suit two generations mother and the child with different interest and designs. The design on tall unit and the designer glass adds to the elegance of the design.

Relaxing and privacy are what most of us look for in master suit and the master bedroom of the client is the perfect blend of both with added aesthetics and lavishness. The dressing of SS inlay in back painted glass for bed back with the wall pattern on TV wall wherein further sparkle is provided by the Swarovski pattern on chairs gives a distinct identity to the room. The interplay of ceiling in fabric finish wallpaper accentuated with the cove lighting adds to the splendid feeling in the room.  

The kids’ bedroom is the clear contrast to the design as a whole as per the psychology of the child with the use of bright and energetic colors reveals the Chief Architect-Milind Pai. Vinyl graphics on walls and wardrobe which could be changed in future with the sky effect on ceiling and wooden flooring which breaks monotony of whole area and gives a vibrant touch

It all should lead to your conclusion “Every human being has a dream to own not only a house but a wholly designed home where a family can live happily and healthily and that can aesthetically and functionally enhance the environment.

Steps To Order Your Product

Order and payments:

  1. On Product page, choose value of “Order Your Set” from the drop down list.
  2. Check availability and order your elegant & luxury product by paying just INR 3000 through our website. Upon checkout from Cart, your order will be generated and will remain pending for further confirmation.
  3. Once your order is generated, we will ship some selected sample fabric swatches samples (wherever applicable) to your booking address.
  4. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Feel, touch, and decide one of the elegant fabric swatches which suits to your ambience at your home. 
  5. Once you are satisfied and selected one sample of fabric, pay 25% of your order value to confirm your order.
  6. Upon receipt of the 25% of the order amount, your order will be confirmed and we will start manufacturing the product. We will send you an email for confirmation of order and payment. However, for some reasons, if you wish not to confirm the order but cancel the order, please follow the instructions in the email for order cancellation. We will refund your payment of INR 1000 within 7 working days.
  7. Please know that once order is confirmed, it will not be cancelled or changed.
  8. We will notify you when your order is ready for shipment. We will also share pictures of manufactured products through email.
  9. Pay remaining 75% of the total order amount for shipment. Once we receive the payment, we will deliver the products at the booking address.

Terms & Conditions

General policy:

Our most of the products come with longer period of warrantee· In order to maintain a high standard of durability and modern looks, we use fabrics of only very well-known brands such as D’Decor, Sarom, SJ and similar brands.

Choice of wood makes a big difference in furniture. Solid Teak or Teak Veneer wood for external and visible parts is our first choice. Teak wood enables us to craft the products nicely and coat with a natural and durable polish to give them a natural and contemporary look. We normally use Salwood (which is commonly used for building railway sleepers, bridges, shipbuilding etc) for the load bearing parts of the sofa products.

Our products are fabricated with only high density and branded foams, which takes care of your luxury experience & feeling of products for several years in the use.   

Affordability of high branded raw material:

Unlike most other companies which use hub and spoke model for manufacturing and transportation at long distances, we manufacture most of our products near the consumption centers which gives us a large amount of saving in terms of transport cost, Octroi, VAT etc, and supports our philosophy of empowering local community.

We have negotiated hard with fabric, foam and other raw material providers to get the material at deep discounts, helping us to maintain lower cost.

Our firm passes-on most of our savings in transportation, taxes and material procurement to our customers, enabling us to fulfil top quality products at very affordable prices.  

Warrantee and other terms & conditions:

Our most products come with long term warrantee for the internal structure, and a limited period warranty for the foam. Please know that there is no warranty on the fabrics, leathers, leatherettes for scratches, cuts, damage of stiches, flame holes, stains after delivery and acceptance by the customer. This warranty will not cover damages due to usage of the product beyond its intended use. Also there is no warranty against damages due to insects, termite etc.

If any defect develops, we will evaluate the type of defect. Upon accepting eligible claim, we will either replace the defective part or take any other suitable corrective action to rectify the defect.